Group Retreats

Our group yoga retreats pair world-class teachers with stunning boutique venues and are on set dates. Use our filter above to find the perfect retreat for you, or browse our upcoming dates and destinations below.

Luxury accommodation in stunning surroundings

Our destinations are all hand-picked to ensure many essential ingredients that all go towards guaranteeing our guests enjoy a fabulous holiday. Retreats are perfect for singles, couples and friends with around 70% of guests choosing to travel alone.

We take great care to create yoga retreats that are memorable, uplifting and revitalising. Here are just some of the reasons why our guests love our retreats.

World-class yoga teachers flown out to your destination
Delicious locally inspired cuisine
Optional excursions and local walks
Local massage treatments available
Stunning swimming pools & gardens
Great walking, hiking & jogging options
Spectacular, light and airy yoga studios
Delightful indoor and al fresco dining options
Within easy distance of an international airport
Beautiful and comfortable accommodation