Retreats with Andrea: There will be 2 daily classes with one afternoon off to explore the region. The morning session will begin with meditation and pranayama practice, followed by asana, chanting, philosophy and relaxation. The class will explore an in depth philosophical theme that we will expand on during the day, giving opportunity for reflection and study. Jivamukti yoga is a method of hatha yoga that weaves together the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga to form a deeply holistic experience on the mat. Each class is derived from the ancient texts of yoga.
The afternoon class will include deep restorative postures and yin yoga, holding passive poses for longer times to release layers of stress and tension. The afternoons are deeply relaxing and offer a perfect balance during the week of variety of yoga styles and practices. All levels of yoga are welcome in particular students who wish to take their practice deeper in study.
Evening will close with either a group yoga nidra or meditation session.

More about Andrea: Known for her passionate, dynamic and inspirational teaching that incorporates both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga from the lineage of her gurus Sharon Gannon and David Life (Jivamukti Yoga) and their gurus. Her classes integrate deep bhakti infused practices with the application of precise alignment and deep intention. Andrea believes yoga can enable us to create self-awareness, acceptance and compassion for living a full and spiritual life. She trained as a professional dancer and travelled all over the world in her career. It was during this time she took her first yoga class and it sparked an interest in eastern philosophy and in particular Buddhism that she draws from in her teaching.

Andrea completed her Hatha yoga training in 2001 and in 2008 became the Diploma course tutor for Cambridgeshire with the British Wheel of Yoga, the Governing body of yoga in the UK. She has taught at their annual congress numerous times and works around the country teaching and mentoring their teachers. In 2005 she completed the Jivamukti teacher training in New York and is now an Advanced certified teacher in the Jivamukti method and continues to be supportive and actively involved with the Jivamukti centre in London teaching and assisting both in the UK and abroad. Andrea is also a certified Yin yoga teacher and restorative teacher. This work has broadened her ideas and application of yoga in all its many forms.

Andrea is featured on Movement for Modern Life. Check out a teaser for her Stand and Balance class:

Andrea Kwiatkowski: Stand and Balance (Teaser)

‘Get ready to flow with a beautiful Jivamukti yoga class which focuses on standing and balancing poses, but of course includes some tough twists as well as back and forward bends and inversions to give a well rounded, beautiful practice. Suitable for intermediates.’

Here's a recent interview with Andrea...

How long have you been teaching yoga and where do you teach?

I have been teaching retreats since 2003 my first retreat was in Egypt.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration is drawn from my practice, the styles I teach: Jivamukti, Yin and restorative yoga . I continue to read a lot. I love Judith Lasater and Iyengar as references and I love going to classes and workshops and planning with new ideas.

What style of yoga do you teach?

My classes are infused with the Jivamukti tradition from my gurus Sharon Gannon and David Life, music, fun, inspiring asana sequences, pranayama, chanting, philosophy. meditation and relaxation. Dharma talks are part of my class, helping us all understand why we are practicing and what and who we are doing it for.

What do you like about teaching on yoga retreats?

I love teaching on retreat as it brings me closer to the students, takes them away from their every day environment to really focus on the practice. I think it’s fantastic to just leave them in savasana at the end of class, we can explore and go deeper into the practices and just jump in the pool after asana!

Where do you like to go on holiday?

I love to go anywhere East: India, Thailand, Sri Lanka – to name a few. I like to practice, have massage treatments and relax… bliss

Trips with Andrea Kwiatkowski

Puglia, Italy

Hosted group yoga retreat

Aug 4 - Aug 11 2018

7 nights

From £1045

Galanias, Sardinia

Hosted group yoga retreat

Jul 27 - Aug 3 2018

7 nights

From £995